Date Night



2019 marked my fifth year going to Peru.  I have to say a good portion of my heart is there with the people of Iquitos.  They are some of the most lovable and caring people you will ever meet.  My how things have changed since four years ago.  God is on the move and things are so much better than they were.  

There are so many seasons of my life and I feel another coming on.  This year my twin boys will be going to college, leaving Greg and I empty nesters.  I can't wait to see what will happen as they grow in their new experiences.  Allie will be graduating this next December and moving on to her new career.  So many exciting things happening.

2018 was a year of extensive travel.  The highlight of the year was getting to travel to Thailand for two weeks.  We experienced joy in helping with the mission team there.  There are so many needs all over the world and you can't help but leave a little of your heart where ever you go.