1. Gladys Defoe

From the recording Gladys Defoe


Her name is Gladys Defoe and she from the south you know and things are a little strange allright. You see she dabbles a little here and she dabbles a little there in Voodoo late at night. Now if you happened to have met her and you lived to tell the tale then you must be a woman you see cause it's men she hates and men that she will cast a spell on as quick as can be. Well way down in Louisiana where the alligators are so mean, lives a legend of a woman that men are just dying to meet. well she's said to best lover in the south but once you love her ain't no getting out, cause between her spells and alligator tails, Ms Defoe never fails. Well now as the story goes men have followed their nose to check out this Ms Defoe and some have even been a little crazy to think of loving and leaving and why only Heaven knows. Well it wasn't long before they were huffing and puffing and enjoying their afterglow and she would meet them in the morning all happy as can be just waiting for them to propose.