1. I Betcha

From the recording I Betcha



I betcha gonna wake up in the morning. I betcha gonna hate yourself. I betcha gonna hold your head, roll around in your bed... I betcha gonna wish you were dead. I betcha, betcha.

Well it was friday night and I was feeling right, just itching to hit the town. Well oh what fun it was to see my friends and drink until the moon went down and they said...

My friends called me up and said let's hit the boat. I didn't have much money but I grabbed my coat. I drank and I drank and spent all I had, It was a sure fire bet in the morning I'd be sad....and my friends said...

Well I would tell you that I learned my lesson well and it would not happen again.. but you all know that I would be lying and I would feel so bad then... yeah whatever.. and my friends said.